Expectation Vs. Reality

Independence Day is a wonderful outcome of the sacrifices of leaders and the unity in Malaysia after being occupied by the British government for hundred years. 31 August 2017 would be the 60th anniversary for us to celebrate this special festival.
The Independence Day exists to remind us to always have 100% gratitude for the peaceful environment even though where we live is a multicultural country.
Expectation is always more beautiful than reality. We expect all of us to have a same mind, opinion, or even personality? However, the reality is all of us have different thoughts, characteristics and backgrounds. It is such a big challenge to communicate and cooperate with different kinds of people but it is possible. What we have to do is tolerating and understanding each other because… we have different culture, misunderstanding cannot be avoided sometimes.
Chin Teng IACT CollegeChin Teng IACT College 2
All of them are my classmates in first semester. As you can see, we have different races and religions, come from different places BUT we love each other. Urgh… miss you all my girls!
All of us, Malaysians, are like the colours of rainbow- diverse but not apart.
Last but not least, “Happy birthday to Malaysia! Wish you all the best in future.”