Fairytale Gone Rogue  

For my class’ Computer Graphics final assignment, we were to create a movie poster for a fairytale of our choice. We could change the theme or genre of the original fairytale to make it our own.
I took on the role as the character model.

We had so much fun shooting.

I was cast as a sad and devastated ‘Mulan’ whose entire village was destroyed during her quest to save China. It was great fun. I had fake blood all over my face and hands.
Tip: The fake blood was made using honey, with a few drops of blue and red food colouring.
I was also cast as an evil witch. I look kind of scary I must say. I guess being blessed with the ability to act unmoving does have its perks sometimes. I did not have to exaggerate my facial expression to get these shots.
Overall it was a lot of fun playing different characters for a photography shoot. At the end of the day we all went home drained and tired.