Five Things Creative People Do

Creativity, a simple word that can do many wonders. Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and innovative.
Creative people are those who use creativity and bring them to reality. We have a unique way of look at things in various perspectives. Here are five things creative people do.
Number one, daydreaming, creative people daydream and there is where we get the best and craziest ideas. We imagine a lot, which lets our creative juice flow and helps expand our ideas. By daydreaming we are able to connect to our unconscious mind, which enable us to think and be more creative.
Number two, observation. Creative people observe a lot by that I meant we stare at random things or people that might lead us into trouble sometimes but that is one of the greatest way to get ideas and inspiration.
Number three, experiment and play around. Creative people love to explore and discover new things. We are always curious to discover something new and when we do of course we love playing around and experimenting with it to create the best creative solution or just purely for learning purposes.
Number four, scribble. Yes we scribble, a lot. Scribbling might be seen as childish to some people but that is also a way to come up with ideas and new discovery, it might start with a small circle which can turn into a breathtaking art piece. It helps a person to get to see the bigger picture.
Number five, create solutions. Creative people always have their “How” button on. Since creative people are able to see things in a different way, we are able to find different solutions and the possibilities are endless.
“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has not seen, and thinking what no one else has taught” – Einstein.
So take risk, keep learning and love what you do.