Four flicks for all to see

ROMANCE, hardship, suspense and mystery are the stuff that movies are made of, and that is exactly what 20 students are depicting in four short films that they recently produced.
It took 11 weeks in all to produce the 30-minute films which was part of their final year project. The diploma in broadcasting students from IACT College in Petaling Jaya, formed four production teams.
They had to find the right actors to suit the characters they had in mind. This wasn’t all, it was just as difficult finding suitable locations to produce the films, but the teams managed to keep their costs within budget.
Screening of the four films will be held at the PJ LiveArts in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.
Ninja Production comprising Ariel Siow Jia Mian, Lim May Jin, Donna Chin May Sum, Ikhwan Akiff Mohd Roslan, Christine Nai Siew Fung, Amber Ooi Joe Yee and Lok Li Win, focused on the realities of life, misunderstandings and hurt that can keep families apart for days or even years.

IACT College Broadcasting and Film Showcase 2017 2
The Ninja Production crew shooting a scene at a restaurant in Tanjung Sepat.

The film touches on a mother’s unconditional love for her son. The young man is indifferent but will circustances make him regret his actions later? Will he repent before it is too late?
The film was made on a budget of RM2,800. The expenses were mainly to pay the actors, for shooting costs and accomodation as the crew had to put up in two different locations in Selayang and Tanjung Sepat, both in Selangor.
“The crew experienced some challenges especially when they had to do retakes of a scene in a crowded restaurant.
“There were just too many people and it was hard to focus,” said Li Win.
There was another frightening episode, he added when crew members heard the grunts and growls of wild boars while on location at night.
“It was dark but we spotted some animal footprints and that was enough to scare us,” said Li Win.
The team members worked hard and were thankful for the “mostly good weather” during filming.
“Setting up the equipment for props, sound and lighting could take many hours, but we did it because of good team effort,” said Ikhwan Akiff.
E.N.D. Productions comprising Matiin Rahman, Lee Pei Teng, Ryan Lam, Jerry Looi, Jeremy Ng, Chee Yoong and Chang Shu Si, produced a romantic comedy called AFIX.
It tells the story of a successful writer Afiq, who runs out of luck. Soon after he meets Alyssa, a young lady whom he truly loves but she has a dark past.
The film was produced on a RM2,000 budget as locations were mostly at cafes and “hangout” spots, frequented by young people.The team also encountered difficulties when shooting the night scenes at a busy housing estate.
“We not only had lighting issues but the crew had to put with the heavy traffic in the area and barking dogs,” said Ryan.
The challenge for AJ7 Cinematics was in finding a suitable hero – a 40-year-old detective – for their film Blurred Lines, a crime action drama produced at a cost of RM2,000.
The group members Onn Jia Yen, Chen Sze Ying, Leng Ching Yan, Ho Jean Yen, Wong Jia Yun, Chuah Zi Yang, Tay Jia Jun and Wong Wey Sern, were unable to fnd an older person and later settled for a 20-year-old to play the role.
It was good experience as they had to rely heavily on makeup to give the hero a “serious and mature” look.
In Heaven Hill, a film by Raisin Productions, the memorable scenes involve a car chase and the use of a drone.
Team member Er Jun Qin said that he borrowed the drone from a friend just to make sure he had some excellent footage for the film.
The focus was on six students out on a photography assignment to Heaven Hill, which was shot in the Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong.
There is mystery and suspense when one of the students goes missing in the jungle causing panic among the rest.
The crew comprising Jun Qin, Desmond Chai Zheng Guo, Muhammad Nabil Ashman, Khoh Zhiquan, Liew Chin Woon, Ng Khai Ming, Kimberly Yong Siew Kim and Megat Muhamad Ikhwan, spent RM2,400 on the film.
The public screening for One Last Night – The Short Film Showcase, will be held at 8pm on Aug 4 at the Petaling Jaya Live Arts, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.
IACT College Broadcasting and Film Showcase 2017
The Production teams pose with the movie poster of their film

(This article was published in The Star Newspaper on 30th July 2017)