What A Fun Video Production

Well for starters, to be honest, producing a video isn’t a piece of cake. A large amount of blood, sweat, and tears contributes to a successful and interesting video. However, this time my group of friends and I decided to take up the challenge of making a stop-motion video for one of our final assignment submission.
Let me show you the interesting bits of our behind the scenes hehe.Violette Low video prod (1)
As our video is sorta inspired by ‘Draw My Life’. We decided to use a chalk board and fairy lights to give our video some ‘oomph’.
Well, this picture shows how we captured the perfect take – by created our own tripod a.k.a. ‘humanpod’, which is actually pretty hilarious.
Speaking about fairy lights, after we’ve wrapped up our shootings, we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot in the dark with illuminating fairy lights – this time it’s Woelfel inspired.
Here’s some of the nice shots we’ve managed to take:

Overall, it was indeed a fun day of shooting. I guess now I’ve got some good pictures to upload onto my Instagram account haha 😀