Fundraising The Sunken Rhythms

Randy, the mascot of Sunken Rhythms

PETALING JAYA: Randy, an ordinary toy turtle turned into a mascot for Sunken Rhythms, a fundraising food festival for Lang Tengah Turtle Watch.
Sunken Rhythms took place on the 11th of July, from 10 am to 6 pm at 5 Star Café, which is located on the first floor of VSQ Towers. Behind the event that featured a diversity of food stalls and eco-friendly vendors were 27 students from IACT College, taking their SOS class. Sunken Rhythms is a movement under Ikigai 3.0.

Vendors were seen having fun at the fundraising event
Both IACT and BAC students came to support the event

By the end of it all, the team managed to raise a total amount of RM 4445.17. According to Sreeraam Sivaswamy, the Chairman for Sunken Rhythms, said that “All money raised will go to Lang Tengah Turtle Watch.”
Sherilyn Lawrence, the Public Relations (PR) assistant of the event said, “We read in the news about the Zoo Negara financial trouble incident, but there will definitely be people who would help and support them.” In Malaysia, not many people are the same with turtles, they don’t care as much.
Things weren’t always easy for the students though. The team initially planned for a fundraising concert but the idea was eventually scratched out as they lack the necessary resources to pull it off. They eventually went with the most affordable yet fun alternative they could think of – a fundraising food festival with live performances.

The performers are warming up before their performance

It was also extremely stressful for team as most of them are second semester students who haven’t been exposed to managing an event on such a scale. “It was no doubt very new and stressful for us to handle. But we eventually learnt how to adapt to it and pulled through.” said Sherilyn.
Those weren’t the only struggles faced by these students as they had issues in confirming a venue. “We actually had Merdekarya but of course, things went wrong and we lost it.” explained Sherilyn, “But thankfully, Mr. Timothy stepped in and reached out to 5 Stars Cafe who happily agreed to lend their venue
Sreeraam said that, “We were piled up with other assignments and planning out the event that made some of us really exhausted and tired. It was really tiring but till the very end we never gave up.”

Students were going around the campus promoting the event
IACT students poses with  The Ferris Wheel Organization representatives

The Ferris Wheel Organization, a non-profit organization with the sole goal to support and fund for children, healthcare, animals and the environment, was one of the sponsors for the event.
Alicia, a representative from the Ferris Wheel Organization, was present at the event as one of the six vendors. She said, “The Sunken Rhythms team reached out to us, and since we share the same objective, we decided to come and be a part of this event as well.”

The team behind The Sunken rhythm event

“In future events, I hope all IACT students will come as one to support each other, especially for a good cause like this. We want our future generations to know what turtles are”, Sreeraam emphasised. Do follow their instagram page at to know what went down!
This article is written by Joanne Lai & Daniel Tee, Mass Communication students in IACT College.