Gone Through So Far

Before the semester began, I was afraid, scared, frightened and terrified. There was a lot of anxiety when I first faced the semester 4 subjects of Computer Graphics, Video Production, Media: Research, Strategy, Planning and Buying, Marketing Management and Writing for Different Media. There was a lot of writing and “technology stuff”.
YESSS. There was TECHNOLOGICAL STUFF which I’m very uncomfortable with. Most of the subjects that semester were very technical and heavily used digital technology which included dealing with a lot of equipment and software like Illustrator and Photoshop.
During the semester, I could not stop questioning my own ability, especially when I was completing the assignments. This was because most of the time, even though our assignments focused on reading and researching, we are required to present our findings in creative ways, such as using infographics, illustrations and more. This is the part where I started to doubt myself as I was not good at visuals and was really bad in dealing with digital technology.
I kept telling myself:
Can I do that?
Am I doing it right?
Oh God, I am really bad at this (sigh)
My ideas just sucks … why can’t I think of better ones?
I just … do not know how to deal with this thing …

These negative thoughts had been lingering in my mind throughout the semester. But guess what? They did not keep me down. I am very proud to have since completed Semester 4 and proceeded with the following semester.
I would love to share a small tip with you and that is how to conquer fear. For me, to live in fear is choosing to not to live your dreams. I am definitely not that kind of girl who will let my goals slip through my fingers just because of fear. Like the word IMPOSSIBLE, in itself says “I’m Possible”, I would say the word FEAR stands for Forget Everything and Rise.
This is how I would phrase overcoming fear:

To conquer fear, the very first step is to step your first step.

It is that simple, really. The first step is when you are unfamiliar with something, just go ahead and make friends with it; when you are unsure about something, ask someone who knows and learn about it. When you feel that you are not doing well enough, explore and try again.
Imagine yourself as a newborn baby, absorb as much knowledge as possible and apply it. Imagine yourself as a blank canvas, sketch your imagination and make it real!
Here are some of my class works in Semester 4.

I did this infographics for the Media: Research, Strategy, Planning and Buying subject. We were required to think of a new advertising space and my idea was a Foodie app which targeted the working class who often skipped lunch. The idea conceptualisation process was not easy, but to present it in the form of infographics was the part that I worried most. But like I said, learn and apply. This is how my infographics was born.

This is what I did for the Computer Graphics subject assignments. From the left is my storybook cover for Puss in Boots, the movie poster for Mary Jane, a romantic thriller film and my magazine cover design. At first, I had no confidence to complete these assignments. I guess it is due to being really poor in visuals and colours. I knew nothing about editing software. But through the lessons in class with additional online research, I gave my best to the assignments. I was really proud of myself to have been able to produce these designs and that my hard work payed off eventually.
In conclusion, I think the key is the willingness to learn, to put effort in every single detail and to apply the knowledge and skills that you have learnt.
By showcasing my work, I am not publicising how great my designs are but to show that nothing is impossible. I always believe that there is room for improvement in my work and practice makes perfect.
Well, I have gone through this far by overcoming my weakness and fear and so can you.