Have a Slice of Creativity

It has been 5 years since IACT College first ran its experiential workshops for students who are interested in pursuing a career in creative industries. This year saw the launch of yet another series of industry based workshops, entitled “What is Your Creative Type?” This workshop explores different types of creativity and the best career match for the participant. Held over a couple of weekends in December 2015, the workshop was a great success amongst its young participants.
“You should not expect anything less from the creative communication specialist college which practices Project Based Learning.” says Penny Low, the Marketing director and Senior lecturer of IACT College. “When you understand your creative type, you will have a clearer picture of your creative future. If you hone in on your creativity, you will excel even further.” Low (with over 20 years of industry experience) adds.  “Previously we worked with different celebrities to give students a first-hand experience of what it was like to work within that industry! This time around, we decided to add a little creativity pizazz to the workshop by teaming up with a household brand – Domino’s Pizza! And explored how important creativity is in the building of brands and products.” – Low elaborates on the workshop.
IACT College collaborated with Domino’s Pizza for this latest workshop. Chrissie Robyn Chong, Senior Assistant Manager in Marketing, PR and Events from Domino’s Pizza says, “We’ve always heard of the good name of IACT College . Hence we were extrememly excited when they reached out to us! It has always been our pleasure to work with colleges to help nurture the next generation!”
After around 2 months of preparation, “My Creative Type Workshop (Returns)” attracted approximately 40 students from different schools through out Klang Valley. The workshop began by first exploring the students’ types of creativity : the connector, the crafter, the critic and the inventor. Then they were given a brief from the representative from Domino’s Pizza on the product to work on.
“I’m excited!” said one of the participants after getting the brief. “I love Domino’s pizza and I better not mess up!” After a generous lunch sponsored by Domino’s pizza, the participants were streamed into different workshops according to their interests and spend the afternoon working with industry professionals from IACT College – the lecturers (who have an average of 12-years industry experience). At the end of the workshop each team had to present their ideas to Chrissie Robyn Chong, as well as Penny Low.
“The younger generation gave me a fresh perspective! I must say I am very impressed by the quality of the work done given such a short time! Thanks to the workshop facilitators for their guidance. There are some very good ideas that I can take and work on further for our campaign!” says Chrissie after judging at the presentation.
Nurul Anisah Salleh, one of the participants shared, “I got to know more about the creative communication industry through this workshop. I was always shy about my ability but the workshop opened me up more and I feel a little more confident about my creativity!” Another workshop participant, Leong Jia Xuan says, “This workshop really pushed me to my limit! I never knew I could be this creative before!”
Client's Briefing by Domino's Pizza Workshop Participants
Client’s Briefing by Domino’s Pizza