Where I Found the Outside

Jit Lee Inspiration Creativity Sunset sky PJ“What inspires you?”
I was asked this question about a week ago, and while I had an answer, I didn’t reply, not because I didn’t want to respond, but because I was cooking up a witty quip that eventually didn’t take flight either. As someone who prefers to think about everything in exchange for the comforts of sleep, I had ample nights to formulate my ideals, beliefs and values. It is during those sleepless nights that I have come to a conclusion that we draw our ideas and concepts from the world we live in. The world is cruel, but it’s also very beautiful. And its beauty is what drives me to seek originality in the things that I do.
There hasn’t been a specific person or event that I would credit my inspirations to because I hold a firm belief that we all are inspired by everything we engage with our senses, be it directly or indirectly. Our thoughts and ideas are shaped by what we hear on the news on a rainy day, what we feel while making coffee on a late Sunday morning, and what we hear when we walk down a creaky flight of stairs in an abandoned building. We are creatures born in a creative world, and it’s where we discover ourselves.
We always call being creative “thinking outside the box”, but I always thought that there were multiple boxes, rooms more like; each inside the other like a Matryoshka doll. We start life in the first room, interacting with everything in the tiny confinement, but through tiny slits in the walls we catch a glimpse of innovation; innovation that soon leads us into a new perspective that you never knew existed. The more you search, the more you realize that there are bigger, more incredible perspectives out there. That, my friends, is discovering creativity.
Jit Lee Inspiration Creativity 2
My inspiration to creativity comes with the determination to break out of the tiny room, and finding the outside. To be outside the box.
I guess defining finding creativity is really just seeing reality constantly distorted by perspective.