What Do I Think About IACT College?

It’s my third month in IACT College! Through these 3 months, I have gone through some tough times in rushing for the assignments, brainstorming ideas and more… which is just the beginning, more is about to come! I’m not going to complain about assignments or whatever yet as I will share more about myself after 3 months.

I find IACT a very nice college to be in and I’m happy that I made my decision to study here. I love IACT because the students here are very friendly and I enjoy attending the daily classes. There always seem to be something funny in class that makes me keep laughing along with my classmates. Even though the assignments and work given by the lectures are stressful, I enjoyed doing the assignment with my fellow classmates. One of the best experiences was when I did my first computer graphics assignment. We were given a submission deadline at 5pm. So on that day it was quite busy and some of us did the assignment up to the last minute. Sometime around 3.30pm-4.30pm, a bunch of us were rushing around to print out our post cards and to find envelopes, CDs, and CD covers. Unfortunately one of my classmates who drove us around received a traffic summon. As a result, we learnt a hard lesson that we shouldn’t have done our assignment at the very last minute.
Apart from that, IACT staff are very friendly, especially the Student Services Department (SSD). They actually treat me well when I have any queries. Not to forget the lectures as well. I love all the lecturers especially Miss Bev. The lecturers are very friendly and fun to talk to. They are not like secondary school teachers. In fact, the lecturers are like friends to us but of course there will always be a border line. They will also try to understand us and not just teach.
This is just the starting of my college life. I love the study environment in IACT where we actually have fun while learning. In my opinion this is the most important. People here are very friendly. I wouln’t say 100% but at least 98%. I hope the following semester will be even more fun and I will get to improve myself even more with my fellow friends.