IACT collaborates with National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

A group photo with the representatives from National Kidney Foundation

It all began on 18th October 2018 when Azizul Rahman, a senior lecturer from the Broadcasting department approached the representatives from the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) when they were at BAC PJ campus for a talk. Seeing this as an opportunity to collaborate with them, he took upon himself to make it a project for his Scriptwriting for TV and Production Management class.
IACT has always been known for collaborating with industry clients like MGAG, MAGGI, R. AGE, WOBB and many more to allow the students to experience real life industry project. However, what made this collaboration different from the rest?
In an interview with Azizul, he said “I want to find a new direction for the students. Not only will they be doing this as assignment but they are also helping the society by spreading awareness about the foundation” It is like making a meaning in the works of the students.

Students pitching their ideas to the client

Approximately about 55 students were divided into groups for this documentary project as their final assignment. To highlight issues given by the client, they were given 5 themes and 2 of them were students favourite: Dialysis patient’s journey and Healthy eating. To make it fair, Azizul had them combine 2 themes that are relatable to make the documentary interesting.

The 1st place winner – NO NAME Production

3 prizes were prepared for the teams who made it. First place goes to NO NAME Production with their video ‘The Journey of Dialysis Patient’ which won RM1, 000. Second place goes to HOT Production with their video ‘Picky Eating’ which won RM600. Last but not least, the third place goes to DEMO Production with their video ‘Gift of Life’ which won RM400.
Congratulations to the winners!