IACT Students raised RM3084

iact college, great heart, student event, jaya one, fundraising, open mic, charity, mass commGreat Heart Charity Fundraising event was held in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya from 10am to 6pm on November 24 and 25. This event successfully raised RM 3084 for 2 days. Approximately 2000 people attended this event.

A collaboration between students from IACT College and Great Heart Charity Association, this event aimed to raise funds for the less fortunate such as underprivileged families, dialysis patients, orphanages, old folks homes as well as disabled people and indigenous people.

Everyone had to buy coupons that came in RM 20 sheets from the counter on the event day to be able to buy things from the booths. There were booths that sold preloved books and clothes, food, drinks, and handmade seasonal cards. The students also provided a service to draw Henna, open mic sessions and game booths for people to come and have fun.

iact college, great heart, student event, fundraising, food sale, open mic, charity, mass commThe students of IACT College started collecting preloved clothes and books a few weeks before the event by collecting donations. The price of the preloved books ranged from RM1 to RM10. The booth that sold preloved books is one of the bestselling booth during the event but the Henna booth raised most funds.

The students also sold food like nachos, lemon poppy seed cakes, sweets and drinks. Some of the students also prepared a few game booths that cost RM2 per game to play games like ring toss, shooting paper cup stacks and ball darts for the kids to have fun. There was an open mic session for the public to show their talent and to bring joy to everyone.

The liveliest time would be when Mrs. Junji Delfno sang and also when a few IACT College students sang some classics by Queen, Bon Jovi and Backstreet Boys. Some students went out to the rest of the building to promote the event by giving out flyers. Some kind hearted people also generously donated some money for the donations box the students brought along to show their support and to help those who are in need.

Great Heart Charity Association aims to provide assistance to their beneficiaries in the form of financial aid as well as emotional support to enable them to be self-sustained at the end of their support.

This project was given by Ms Intan Hafiz to her Sociology students for this semester. The objectives of this project are to raise funds for the association, and to allow students to learn and experience the roles of a Non-Government Organization(NGO).

(This article is written by  CHIA ZHI YIN, a student from Diploma in Mass Communication)