IACT Plus – Upgrade and Upskill

iact college iact plus courses becoming a social media influencerIACT College launched IACT Plus, a new installation to boost students’ confidence, social skills and a therapeutic approach to living and loving college life. IACT Plus consists of 4 courses: Becoming a Social Media Influencer, Music and Lyrical Dance, Starting a Start-Up and Photography 123.
Brief description of each course as followed:
Becoming a Social Media Influencer – Learn the steps and tips for individuals who want to build a reputation for their knowledge and expertise through social media and personal branding.
Music and Lyrical Dance – Students will learn the basics of movements and expressive projection that help greatly to enhance presentation skills, build self-confidence and flexibility.
Starting a Start-up – We help students turn their business idea to business reality. They will learn to develop an understanding and awareness of planning a start-up, matching the most relevant approaches and needs to start theirr own business.
Photography 123 – Students will learn and develop simple effective skills and techniques in capturing meaningful moments in various types of photography: portrait, journalism, product and fashion.
These IACT Plus courses are scheduled outside the main academic programme so students have the freedom to pick up skills beyond what their compulsory classes offer. Like any other academic program, IACT College hires industry professionals to champion these courses, helping students to gain new insights into the creative world and discover their untapped creativity.
This is part of IACT’s effort on staying true to the nature of having a strong industry connection, staying relevant to the industry and continual effort in training job-ready graduates.