Project Based Learning

Rather than just textbook learning, IACT College aims to give its students real-world training so that they are ready for the workplace. “What this college is trying to do is to make sure that graduates are able to work from day one,” says IACT College chief executive officer Jason Chin. “Since we are partially owned by the creative communication industry, it is in their best interest that we produce graduates that are trained for the industry.”
IACT College’s chosen method to provide industry-required training is to use Project Based Learning, where students immediately apply the theories they learn to company projects in the class. “We share the theoretical knowledge with students, but we also task them with class projects that are provided by multi-national and publically listed companies. The students would then present their ideas to the clients as they would at their future jobs – and sometimes, the client may even implement their idea if it is outstanding,” says Chin.
IACT College pioneered Project Based Learning within Malaysia in 2010 and has seen significant results. A 2014 graduate survey reveals that 96% of IACT graduates are employed in the creative communication industry within 6 months of graduation. “Students don’t need an education establishment to dish out facts and figures, but they do need to learn how to use information and apply knowledge to the real world,” states Chin.