IACT Students Won Awards from World Championship

Students who won the awards are Wong Xin Shi (6th place); Hoo Pei Shan (10th place) and Fong Yee Ern (Finalist)

On 14th June, IACT students bagged 3 awards from the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship. Their work made it to Top 30 out of the 1,200 submissions nationwide. Together with them are their lecturers, Miss Elyena and Mr. Anuar.

According to one of the awardees, Wong Xin Shi, the speaker emphasized to them that skills are not the main factor of being a creative, it’s the passion that they have. She continued saying “You must be willing to sit down and humble yourself to experience the software. You must go back to work and not dread going back to work on Monday”
She ended it with: To be the best, you must believe you’re the best!
Although they did not win the grand prize, they did make IACT College proud of their work and will always cheer them on as they continue to pursue their career.