So it’s the semester break right now and that means it’s reflection time! Throughout my first semester, there were 2 assignments that I felt the most proud of, the Swatch Dragons and the Imagine Lego Video.
Well, we’ll talk about the old dragons later but first, Lego. Basically, if you never heard of Lego, I’m sorry to say but you had no childhood or an inner child. But if you do, congratz! You probably lived a fabulous life.
So anyway, our task was to make an advertisement of any product we want in AfterEffect. And for some reason, my mind really just wanted to do Lego (probably because I just watch the Lego Movie not so long ago). However it’s also the thought that I could create anything with Lego. I could make a train, a spaceship, a building, a bird, anything! It’s endless and only limited by the players imagination. And this made the creating process even more fun!
Here’s my baby of a creation if you want to view it.