With October over, it marks the end to Halloween’s trick or treating and the many Harley Quinn costume on-line posts. However if you were an artist, October was certainly a treat because it was also celebrated as INKTOBER!
“But what is Inktober?” you may ask. Inktober is an online event where artists all around the world can participate and only draw with ink for the entire month! What this does is that it trains the artist to be more confident with the pen to produce cleaner artwork.
Back in the early years of my drawing life, I could never draw with a pen. Whenever drew with a pen, it would be as if like I had Parkinson disease in the middle of an earthquake. Basically my drawing sucks, and I felt so bad because I couldn’t undo my mistake like you’ll do with a pencil. However thing began to change last year.
I started participating in Inktober and my inking skills ‘went through the roof’. I started drawing many artworks and it was just so much fun!
These are the samples:

When 2016 came along, it just got better. I got more confident with drawing with the pen and I understood the techniques better. It’s easier to show samples of the drawing than to explain. Brace yourself for a large amount of bunny artwork.