Insightful Talks by Industry Professionals

Last semester, I had the subject Publicity & Media Relations with lecturer Ms Yen Ling. In this short semester of 3 months, we got to sit in 2 talks by industry professionals. Vivian Tan-Higgs, Managing Director of Geometry Global Malaysia gave a talk on Public Relations and shared about the day-to-day experiences of a person working in the PR industry.

She mentioned important points that people tend to miss, such as how PR is not about meeting new people as most people perceive it to be. Instead, meeting people is only one third of the job. Most of the time, PR people are doing research, writing brief books and handling numerous accounts. She also said that a PR person needs to be ready for anything, be it crisis or a PR opportunity as anything can happen at any time. They also have to multitask – from writing press releases to doing research and even designing and video editing. Hence, having extra skills like design and video editing is a plus for those looking to go into the PR industry, which is what IACT’s scope of subjects have provided us with.

Another talk arranged by our lecturer was given by Ms Manminder Kaur Dhillon, CEO of Intelectasia. The talk was an interesting one as she did a lot of two-way engagements instead of a one-way speech and presentation. She did some role play with us – her being a journalist and us giving a PR pitch through phone call. It really tested our ability to differentiate what points are important and what are not and how to get a journalist’s attention in the midst of their busy schedule.

In addition to the talks, I must say that the whole subject has been insightful as a whole. This is because Ms Yen Ling herself was in the industry before teaching as a lecturer. She shared a lot of her past experiences and taught us a lot of important terms and PR processes that we need to know before going into the working world. It truly prepared us especially as we are currently doing our internship. For that, I am very sure the whole class is very grateful.