Invaluable Creativity

COMPETITION is fierce in the world of business. The landscape is rapidly changing and jobs are evolving faster than ever before, resulting in jobs that were non-existent 10 years ago – such as app developer, big data analysts and social media strategists, just to name a few, which are now crucial in every industry. New roles and jobs are created to meet the demands and needs of the industry.

The question is, how do we make sure educators are ready and prepared for the next wave?

“This is why we emphasise so much on creative versatility. Creativity helps you reinvent yourself and approach problem-solving differently and that increases your adaptability and survival chances in our demanding business world. Honestly, you either adapt and move on or stay stagnant and fade away,” says IACT College chief operation officer Lawrence Chan.

Having been in the advertising and marketing communications industry and taught in IACT College for close to 25 years, Chan sees the lack in the industry – the need for talented individuals passionate about their work.

With that, Chan and a team of academics and industry professionals created a Creative Aptitude Test which helps identify individual strengths and ideal career paths.

This test is now available at IACT College (upon appointment).

“At IACT College, we believe everyone is creative. The Creative Aptitude Test helps you see where your creativity strengths lie so you will know how much further you can go in the industry. It can be done under 30 minutes with our professional education and career adviser who would also analyse your result and provide some guidance on the pathway to choose,” says Chan.

IACT College held the C.A.T (Creative Aptitude Test) Workshop on Dec 17.

Participants of the five-hour workshop received personalised counselling from the education and career counsellors. They were grouped according to their creative strengths and interest to work on an industry project.

This method is in line with IACT College’s “Project Based Learning” teaching methodology, which has a successful track record.

“This workshop helped me a lot in identifying my creative aptitude and I enjoyed the personalised counselling which helped me look at the creative industry differently now,” workshop participant Aaron Marc Loh shared.

Another workshop participant, Nur Diyanah, said, “I now know what I want to do. I’ve always had an interest in communications and I’m sure I can pursue a career in advertising.”

Besides running his personal branding company, Chan is passionate about education and sharing his knowledge and industry experience with the new generation of industry practitioners.

“I find great joy in seeing sharp minds and talented individuals going into the workforce with their creative flair. They can turn the world upside down, only for the better. I believe with all my heart that IACT College is the place to nurture such creative versatility with great industry relevance,” says Chan.

Those interested can make an appointment with the education advisers to do the Creative Aptitude Test and receive professional counselling at the campus at VSQ, Petaling Jaya.

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