KITA IACT 2018 Jaya MallKITA (short for Kreative Inspirations Through Art) IACT was an event held by the senior IACT Diploma in Mass Communication students which featured artwork from Mass Communication and the Broadcasting & Film students. The event was held on 30th November at Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ.

Over 100 images were plastered across the walls in the event space in Jaya Shopping Centre showcasing the different creative angles that the students decided to take. Photos ranging from portraits to product shoots, they were all in display for the public to see.

Not only were there students’ photographs on display but there were also traditional and digital works of art on display also from students. There was also a table with a select few portfolios for the public to browse through to see more work from some of the best students.

KITA IACT 2018 Jaya MallKITA IACT 2018 Jaya Mall

“I’m quite proud and happy that my picture is on the wall with everyone else’s. It gives my friends and I an opportunity to show the public our talent,” says one of the students, Kee Sher Jeat from Diploma in Broadcasting & Film.

There was a strenuous amount of work put in from the seniors to ensure that the event goes smoothly from the opening ceremony speech from Mr Winston to the dance performances and open mic sessions. “I feel very accomplished. I’m glad everything went well and that we had a good crowd for our event. It made me really happy that we may have inspired someone to grab their camera and give photography a shot,” said Isha Variya, a senior from the Diploma in
Mass Communication that helped make the event possible.

KITA IACT 2018 Jaya Mall Winston Lim IACT College
IACT lecturer Mr. Winston Lim officiated the exhibition

KITA IACT 2018 Jaya Mall Open Mic
Open Mic Session during KITA IACT event

Open Mic Session during KITA IACT event
KITA IACT 2018 Jaya Mall Ain Syafiqah IACT College
Ms. Ain Syafiqah, the photography lecturers of IACT College

“I feel so glad that I’m getting good feedback from people who came to the exhibition. I hope this will be a good start for my students to start putting themselves out there,” said Ms. Ain Syafqah Rosdi, the photography teacher that coached the students on how to take the pictures.

Giving the students a chance to showcase their art is a confidence booster for the students for them to strive and do better. It also gives the public the view the works of students who are only going to go up from here.

A lot of people like to undermine the work of students because they deem it as “unprofessional” and “rough around the edges” but that is not entirely true. Of course, not everyone has an eye for photography, but photography like anything else, is not a skill that one is born with. One must continuously train their eye to get their pictures to come out better.

If you are interested in seeing some of the student’s works, welcome and drop by IACT College for more! 

(This article is written by  AISYAH HANIM, a student from Diploma in Mass Communication)