KL’s Hidden Treasures

Shopping malls, hipster cafes, and heavy traffic are not all there is to the bustling (mostly tourist) city of Kuala Lumpur. There is more to the streets than foreigners, ‘aesthetically textured’ walls, and faded buildings.
The culture in KL still lives on and if you were to take the time to walk the path less travelled – literally – you’d find just a few of KL’s hidden treasures, the ones I found when I decided to step from one side street into another, if you’d allow yourself to see them.

Top: Naturally, a wonderland whirlwind of colour that begins with Petaling Street.

Top: Where there be tired buildings and fading traditions.

Top: But down a few dramatic hallways later…

Top: We came to this little alleyway teeming with local life.

Top: And undiscovered local talent working with what they have and turning something very ordinary into something more.

I had a day to see my home city in a different light. A day to appreciate the little things that people normally miss. A day to capture and treasure something that was not normal but captivating all the same.
It’s great to be modern, to keep moving forward, to keep up with the times, to be happy with routine. But sometimes there’s a bigger picture to be seen and more to be discovered, if you open your eyes wide enough to view something that’s hidden in plain sight.

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, the exciting city of diversity full of surprises.