Before I had you, I never thought I could love so deeply that I would actually forgo my needs for yours. With just a pat on your mom’s head, you found a home. Had I known your momma was carrying you, I would have probably not been so welcoming. As it turns out, ignorance paid off for a change and before long, you were born. One of four siblings, I’m surprised you didn’t crawl your way out sooner. Sharing rashes with all four of your ex roommates, the only thing different about you were your eyes. Grey with a hint of brown, they screamed ‘I am for you’, leaving me no longer spoilt for choice.

Having separated you from your brothers and sisters, I couldn’t help myself but shower you with comforts that even some of us don’t get to enjoy. You were difficult at times, with your need for attention invading my need for space. Although I tried to find time for myself, I could always see your tail at the corner of my eye. Never too far away, you were almost in every frame of my life. From scratching the foot of my sofa while I watched TV, to simply lazing around the porch just to stay within eye shot when I swept the veranda.
I remember once I was doing my assignment in the porch with my friend and I was feeling so lost and stressed, that I started to get a little angry, when out of nowhere you jumped on my lap. Frustrated as I was, it all went away the moment you purred into my eyes.
Your constant vigilance helped keep all sorts of pests in and around the house at bay. In many ways, you were like the roommate I never had, tickling my nose with your tiny paw just to get me out of bed for my much dreaded 8am classes. Never one to admit that he had a thing for cats, even my dad grew fond of you soon after. I’m not sure how, but you ‘scratched’ your way into his heart and brought my family closer together.
Sadly the old adage was true as it all came to an end. Tuesday afternoon, 20th September 2016 will forever be etched in my memory. Come to think of it, why are we able to remember exactly what hurt us but not remember what brought us joy to the point of change? Nevertheless, had I known it was the last day I would see your face; I would have turned the TV off and stroked your chin till you purred in your sleep. As it turned out, I was shovelling the last piece sand over the ground in which I laid you to rest, pleading with God to offer you solace and that if you were to be born again, you would have a much better life and not suffer a similar fate. Nine lives they say, well you changed mine in just one.