Lessons beyond Classroom

IACT College prides itself on infusing creativity and practicality in the classroom through its unique Project-Based Learning (PBL) teaching method. PBL encourages creative thinking and hands-on experiences while engaging industry players through student assignments. Most recently, as part of their PBL assignment, IACT College’s Year 1 and Year 2 students of BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication (3+0) (BMCC) collaborated on a public film screening on 2nd March, 2016, which was held at IACT College, VSQ @ PJ City Centre.
“The purpose of this screening is to showcase our students’ filmmaking talents, and to improve on their skills with the help of constructive criticism and feedback from the audience and judges present at the screening,” said Jacinta Erang Kuleh, IACT College Broadcasting Lecturer. The panel of judges consisted of several IACT lecturers, and industry professionals Ang Bin Yee and Tuah Khairuddin. A documentary and two short films were presented at the screening and the audience included IACT Alumni, industry professionals, filmmakers, and guests from other education institutions.
BMCC Year 2 students started off the screening with their documentary entitled, “The Stand-up Project,” which depicts a day in the life of a stand-up comedian. It featured interviews and comedy-in-action snippets of some of Malaysia’s renowned comedians, namely Harith Iskander, as well as Prakash Daniel and Brian Tan from One Mic Stand. The trio from One Mic Stand, Prakash, Brian and Keren then appeared as special guests and treated the audience to a short comedy show, bringing down the house with laughter. The screening resumed with two short films by BMCC Year 1 students, “Scripted” and “The Unfinished Cupcake.”
Though all three films presented were diverse in its genre, each earned compliments and constructive comments from the judges and audience. Apart from developing hard skills in their chosen area of study, IACT students are also honed with critical communication and presentation skills, and encouraged to have a teachable attitude to accept comments from others. These are the valuable lessons that take students beyond classrooms and textbooks, exposing them to the working world environment of honest feedback and criticism.
Are you a passionate and creative individual who wants to experience and understand more about the communication industry? IACT College invites you to celebrate creativity this March, and join us in a series of exciting creative simulation during our upcoming Creative Carnival at VSQ @ PJ City Centre, on 19 and 20 March 2016 (Saturday and Sunday), 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Participants will get to experience the thrill of being a filmmaker, graphic designer, journalist, and engage in exploring the exciting world of advertising. There will also be prizes to be won, performances from local artists, and sharing sessions by IACT Alumni who have found fun, fame and fortune in the communication world.
BMCC_Film_Screening BMCC_Film_Screening