My Love Affair with Cakes

To be honest, I felt worried and afraid at first because I am a person who finds it hard to adapt to a new environment. College life is very different from the school life I was used to. It will take me some time to get used to it and I hope that it will go well with time.
Today, I am going to share about my hobby. Everyone has different hobbies. Hobbies tend to reflect the personality of a person. I like baking especially cakes. I have this memory of watching my grandmother mixing the batter of the cake in the kitchen. When I enter into the kitchen, the insane aroma of the cake would make my day. The cake made by my grandmother was fantastic, especially when fresh out of the oven. I guess my grandmother is the one who inspired me to start baking. It is very nostalgic for me whenever I think about it and it reminds me of my childhood staying with my grandmother.
I started to bake cakes when I was 11. I am glad that my parents were supportive because I used up a lot of their money trying to figure out the best techniques. As an 11-year-old, clumsiness is unavoidable. I had baked around up to 5 cakes before finally succeeded in coming out with a basic yellow cake. I can still remember how happy I was when I shared the cake with my family.
After that, I tried to bake different types of cakes. Some were successful but most of the time it didn’t turn out as expected. Over time, my skill improved a lot. I searched for recipes on the internet and watched a lot of YouTube videos on baking. Baking is something that helps me forget the problems in my life. I bake when I am sad or when I am stressed. Sometimes I bake when I am happy. For me at times words just are not enough, but a delicious cake is.
Here is the cake that I baked last week. Hope you enjoyed reading my story and that you can find something that makes you happy in your life as baking does for mine. Thank you!
Oon Jie Yi How Baking Inspires Me IACT College