Malacca Trip

Introducing the housemates Siyu and Xindy. Now I would call them friends. *Heart*
During one random weekend, we decided to visit Malacca which is also Siyu’s hometown.
Introducing C U.

The highlight of the trip would be us renting bicycles and ride around Jonker Street for hoursssss.

The triumphant in me cycling across the streets lined with vintage shops is just, indescribable.

My love for Peranakan tiles is trueeeeeeeeee.

I see beauty in buildings like this. And that triggers me to make paintings of them.

Introducing Xindy.

Ending this post with a photo of a beautiful sky, remarking how memorable the trip was.
I feel lucky to have housemates that turn out to be great friends. Guess we’re fated to meet in IACT.
That’s how much I cherish them.
See you in the next post, have a nice day!*