Malaysia Fashion Week 2016

Yes, I can totally check ‘going to MFW’ off my bucket list because I actually did it! I went, conquered and was absolutely amazed at the end of the day.
Actually, I went to the event at MATRADE as an IACT volunteer but nevertheless I truly enjoyed the once in a lifetime opportunity. I managed to witness numerous fashion shows from a variety of local and overseas designers. Although I stood for 6 hours straight, I personally think that I got the best ‘seat’ in the entire hall. I mean I was literally 1 metre away from the catwalk, so that basically sums up my how ecstatic I was throughout the event.

I managed to take some live footages from the fashion show and posted them on my instagram account. So if you wanna take a look at them just search me up @viovioletziee 😀
Overall, MFW2016 was a great deal of fun. Funnily enough after the show when I was looking for an exit out of the building (I’m such a lost lamb), I stumbled upon Zin Kato who is a renowned Japanese fashion designer and was the MBSAFW Asia’s Most Influential Designer of the Year 2015 and the for the previous 2 times! I mean, I could have gotten his signature then and there but he seemed to be in a rush. So in the end I just stared and enjoyed the fact that I was breathing the same air as him ahaha!