Mass Communication is the best career choice for multipotentialites

multipotentialite iact college mass communication
Ever been nagged about being a “jack-of-all-trades”, but a “master-of-none”? Or struggled to complete a task because you are distracted by many other interesting things happening around you?

If these ring a bell, you are most likely a multipotentialite!

What’s a Multipotentialite?

“Multipotentialite” means a person with multiple potentials. A multipotentialite is not about specialising in just one area but having the intellectual ability to excel in a few different fields.

And nope, multipotentialite is not a new idea! Historically, some of the famous multipotentialites include Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Aristotle – just to name a few. Da Vinci was known to have constantly blamed himself for not completing the tasks he set out to do but the world will always remember him as an inspiration with his ideas in the fields of science, maths, engineering and anatomy.

And be proud to be a Multipotentialite! Multipotentialites have this incredible ability to creatively bring together disparate ideas and make them work harmoniously and beautifully. Multipotentialites should be happy to be called one for their potentials are endless.

The Two Traits of a Multipotentialite

And you know what?  – Most multipotentialites have these two traits:

“I’m so bored!” If you say  this often, you are most likely a multipotentialite! Multipotentialites get bored easily and probably consider the time on earth as being too short – yet there is much that awaits discovery. There is an inherent need in them to want to know more. Multipotentialites thrive on exploring, learning and mastering new skills – something made easy as knowledge is now attainable at the fingertips.

“Am I weird?” If you question this often, you are most likely a multipotentialite! Multipotentialites are also often misunderstood by many – they may often get called “flaky” or “random”. They are also often questioned by people of their ability to do something, as they have never done that task before. The truth is multipotentialites are meant to take on challenges and seem to thrive in the face of an unknown challenge as they are wired to explore new worlds.

Perfect Career for a Multipotentialite

Ask a multipotentialite what they want to do as a career and chances are they cannot give a straight answer. The problem is not because they do not know what to do, but rather they do not understand why they need to specialise in something.

For them, interdisciplinary is attractive, and one of the best fields to venture into is Mass Communication. Multipotentialites learn from the science of human behaviours, the art of crafting messages, and engineering many communication media – both traditional and digital – to the advantage of their own brand.

The Mass Communication programme,  Marketing and Advertising programmes in IACT College allow a multipotentialite to graduate with qualifications that could land him jobs in media companies, advertising agencies, performing arts or any industry with the need for creative communications. The course comes with subjects that would hone his skills in writing, strategic planning, presentation, design, media production, event management and public relations.

IACT College takes a unique approach to the classroom. The college adopts a Project-Based learning, where students apply theories they learnt by running projects with multinational and public-listed companies. This immediate application allows students to understand what it takes to succeed once they graduate, and goes beyond textbook learning, as it gives students a realistic view of different industries. This provides them with an in-depth understanding of their fields of interest and presents them the opportunity put to practice their theoretical knowledge. It also exposes them to potential employers.

So, drop by at our campus and find your options here at IACT College today!

(This article was published in The Star on 10 August 2017)