31 August 2017! It is a very significant date to be remembered.
It is a day of unity, of change, to remorse and to enjoy.
It’s the independence of our country.
Now what does it really symbolize to most of us?
Well, we take it as a day off, to rest, to take it easy and to enjoy the things that we have.
However, we may not fully understand what Merdeka truly means as it has been incorporated in our daily lives.
We live in a time where everything we do comes from the choices that we make.
From the toilets we wish to use, where we live to the food we eat.
We go through the motion of of our daily tasks with the many races in Malaysia,
coexisting, living in harmony and that’s what being Malaysian is.
We may not realize this and perhaps it is the beauty of it all.
This notion of thought just keeps going on in the background, like elevator music.
It is there without a direct purpose but plays a big part in our lives to make it bearable;
this is what our ancestors wished to have.
We are living in this fought for environment freely.
Even with certain issues we have currently in this nation,
we cannot deny that we as a nation have progressed so far and this day reminds us of what our country used to be,
and what it has become now.