Video Production Clinic

Saturday, May 30th, 2015 –“Creativity is an idea that is bigger than life! Don’t limit your idea in a box, open up and go beyond what’s already in the box!” Sounds like a motivational talk to you? That’s exactly how it went for the #IniAdalahCaraTanahairku Video Production Clinic. The Clinic attracted 26 students from over 7 schools who are among the #IniAdalahCaraTanahairku Merdeka 58 Short Video Competition participants. The 5-hour Video Production Clinic was facilitated by IACT College Broadcasting lecturers, Mr. Cyrus Tan, Ms. Jacinta Erang Kuleh and an IACT Alumnus, Ms. Hay Yan Xiang.
The aspiring future film producers and directors gathered to learn everything about video production through idea and conceptualisation, brainstorming, scriptwriting, visual presentation, framing and editing. Mr. Cyrus started the workshop with exploring creativity by sharing his ground rule on what it takes to make a successful story-telling, “The keys are: Simple, Focus and Creative.”
The students then went into their respective team and brainstorm creative ideas on how their video should be for the #IniAdalahCaraTanahairku Merdeka 58 Short Video Competition. The facilitators went from group to group and help polish their ideas. You could smell the excitement in the air as they unveil what they have in mind, putting them down on paper and connecting their creative juices together. They were then given opportunities to present the ideas they have worked out and welcomed feedbacks from facilitators and other students.
“I appreciate how this workshop helps us to revisit our ideas again with a whole new perspective. I think we need to work on our idea a little bit more.” a student feedback after their learnings from the Video Production Clinic.
IACT College is glad that we can train, nurture and inspire these young talents in achieving their dream in the broadcasting field. We look forward to see some quality and creative works from the participants of #IniAdalahCaraTanahairku Merdeka 58 Short Video Competition!
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