Mission Success

Finally after years of curiosity, I can finally know how fashion photos are taken. To be behind the scenes was amazing. I woke up that particular morning feeling pumped due to knowing that my group and I are going to interview a fashion photographer. This was for the final project for Media and Communications. To be completely frank, in the beginning of this project I was intimidated by the fact that as newbies, we had to interview people from the industry but now I understand why we really needed this exposure.
There was no doubt that my expectations were high because I did some background research and all the pictures taken was amazing. We were going to interview Carlos Khu. He was superbly welcoming and nice to us, always making sure our needs are well taken care of. The interview went better than what we expected and I learnt plenty from it. Carlos helped us take a cover photo for our project which was an honour to be photographed by someone so professional. We were allowed to stay to witness and experience the behind the scenes of the making of a masterpiece. The room was filled with laughter and loud music at all times. It was as how I imagined it to be.
It was humbling to see how creative people in the industry are. This experience is another life lesson learnt in my journey of being a part of the media industry. We even got to meet the model of the day, to see firsthand how photographer and model work together was fascinating. One big lesson I take from today is to be humble no matter how successful you have become. Lesson learnt for the better. Overall, my group JayRoshStephXin completed the mission of the day with great success.