My Experience at MFW2016

My experience at MFW 2016 described in one word would be tasteful. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude towards my lecturer, Ms Jo, for giving me this great opportunity to learn and experience new things. MFW was a total eye opener for myself as it reveals the real world to me, the real world that I will be stepping into soon. In short, the road ahead of me will be very challenging but I am assured that by the end of my course in IACT I will be very well prepared for it.
In the beginning I was really excited because the job title given was ‘Social Media Ambassador’, indeed a very fancy name but the job scope can be as simple yet stressful as promoting and updating the event. It is simply unbelievable.
Throughout this, I also got to experience working backstage with 2 other friends who are students of IACT as well. Putting aside the stripping part, backstage is actually pretty overwhelming and pressure was clearly present. From the models to the stylists to the authorities, everyone was technically rushing in and out to make sure they put on a good show for the audience and, of course, the media.
The social media had definitely played a huge role throughout this event. As part of the team, our end goal of promoting this event is to have more people register on MFW website to get free passes to the exhibitions and fashion shows. Hence, with the aid of free platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which were the most actively used, we were able to send out messages to the public in no time.
Truly, it is fun and enjoyable to update personal life events, photos, etc. like many of us do, but when this “hobby” is turned into a task it becomes very intense and stressful. Stressful is when facing technical difficulties –dying phone, no internet connection, not enough space for pictures and the likes. Nonetheless, this has been a great journey that had also added great values to my life.

Models rehearsing before the show begins

Designer Bon Zainal feeling fabulous with his creations

Stylists checking the arrangement of the garments

Me and my partner, Lynn, alongside with a model dressed beautifully.
About Cheryl
Cheryl loves fashion and art. Art fascinates her very much because she sees it as something sophisticated and complex. She enjoys dressing up as a way of expressing her true self when words could not. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Philippians 4:13” is her favorite Bible verse that motivates her in life. Cheryl is now finishing her study in Diploma in Mass Communication with IACT College