My Favourite Subject

One of my favourite subjects in my first semester was Computer Graphics. Initially I was a little worried when I first attended the computer graphic class as I came in about 2 weeks later than my classmates. I had missed quite a lot and the first thing that Miss Elyena gave me was the assignment brief. I was really shocked and wondered whether I could actually catch up as it looked quite complicated. But as I focused on what Miss Elyena taught, I realised that it is actually a very fun subject.

In the first lesson I learnt how to trace the picture above using Adobe Illustrator to make a postcard. I actually enjoyed the process and never expected myself to produce it. I was really amazed with the finished product. I was like “WOW!” I won’t say it’s perfect but I thought I could have done much worse as my drawing skills are very bad. This is just tracing the template so it’s actually rather easy for those who already know how to use Adobe Illustrator.

After submitting the first assignment we felt so relieved. But wait! Miss Elyena started to brief us on the second assignment as well as the final assignment! The second assignment requires us to design a movie poster using Photoshop, which was a relief. What made us worry was that all the photos needed to be original and not downloaded from the internet. For this assignment I really had to put in a lot of effort to come up with ideas for a movie poster and where I could source the costumes and materials for the shoot.
I really enjoyed doing this assignment even though it was quite a challenge for me. I would also like to thank my friends who modelled for my assignment and patiently cooperated with my direction. Doing this assignment would have been difficult without my friends.
The final assignment was to design a magazine cover by using the combination of the Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and In Design. I didn’t think the assignment would be difficult but it turned out to be quite the challenge. To top it off we had two assignments due on the same date and it was really challenging to simultaneously complete both together. Anyway we made it! At times we doubt ourselves but when we push forward we will see results.
                                 “Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity”.