Doing nothing is not always a bad thing

The eating, sleeping, and eating again routine can be quite addictive and blissful. It is may be, however, considered boring, unproductive and to some, a luxury. Just eating with no real exertion has the ability to transform happiness into a coma of sadness. Sleep, oh sleep… how I love the way you lie. When overdone, the peaceful serenity we require every day can easily become a state of destruction. Suddenly, not only will we find ourselves even more tired than before we slept, but also weakened by sleep’s deception. How is doing nothing but binging all day anything but bad for one? Well, like all things, if moderation is achieved, everything bodes well. ‘Doing nothing’ has freedom attached to it and therefore being allowed to practice it is exhilarating. Simple as it may sound, none of us really get to do what we want when we want as our commitments and responsibilities take up most of our time. By indulging in this act of freedom, we fuel ourselves both mentally and physically to go through the dreary routine of everyday life.