Nurturing Winning Talents

“A COMPETITIVE spirit is what keeps good designers on their toes,” stated Graphics Design Programme Leader of IACT College Queenie Yaw.
She always believed in driving her students to take that one extra step.
“Joining competitions builds on the passion within each student, giving them the extra edge whilst pursuing their diploma,” said explained Yaw. “It also teaches them to work creatively around a given brief, adhere to strict deadlines and prepares them for industry standard,” she added.
Khor Zheng Hong and Victoriya Titova are both outstanding Graphics Design students from IACT College. Khor is currently doing his second year in BA ( Hons) in Advertising and Design and Titova is doing her last semester in Diploma in Graphic Design. And this year they won two different design competitions respectively. For Khor, winning the grand prize at the “Growl With Us” contest organised by Moxim House boosted his confidence and his passion in the field. He said, “My biggest takeaway would be that sense of approval and recognition from the organisers and my lecturers.” Khor believed that he won because he was able to take a different approach in the completion.
He added, “They like my idea because I took on a more Oriental approach in my artwork, as opposed to other entries that are more westernised in nature.”
Titova, who recently won a Faber Castell competition, believed her motivation is different from Khor’s.
“I like being challenged – it pushes me to create more original artworks.
“I also get to pick up new techniques along the way and explore styles I wouldn’t have tried on my own if not for the competition.”
However, both Khor and Titova agreed their lecturers played an integral part in motivating them.
“My lecturers pushed me to take part in competitions, and they truly believed I can compete and win,” Titova shared.
Khor said competitions allowed him to put his work out to be critiqued. Studying at the Creative Communication Specialist College, all IACT College students are educated using the Project Based Learning methodology – a proven method in producing dynamic and job- ready graduates. This provides students with an education that goes beyond classrooms.
“IACT College is endorsed by many industry professionals who truly believe in the quality of its education,” said marketing communications director and senior lecturer Penny Low. Low, who has over 20 years of industry practice, said some professionals have become lecturers at IACT. Though students are encouraged to participate in various competitions, not all will go for the same competition. “We recommend different competitions to students based on their strengths and abilities,” Yaw shared her experience working with students and the competitions they join.
“And industry professionals are brought in to critique, guide and discuss with the students on taking their ideas further.”
Low contributes as she discusses the driving philosophy behind IACT College. To date, IACT College students have won over 60 industry awards in the past five years from competitions like Kancil Award, Shell Fuel Save Challenge, an inter- college competition, as well as United Nations Creative Expressions Competition.