One more week to the start of the semester

There’s a week before the semester starts. Are we ready my dear IACTians? It will be a new beginning for a batch of students whether they be ‘new’ or ‘not so new’.
In order to make sure that we are fully charged for the semester, we have to be mentally and physically prepared.
During this entire semester break, I believe most of us will get enough sleep and experience enjoyable days. Now that the semester is here, we’ll need to get used to the morning sunlight for early classes. For example if we used to get up 11 am during the semester break, we now need to start setting the alarm clock to wake up earlier.
I always believe that waking up earlier to finish my stuff is always more efficient compared to burning the midnight oil.
Dear IACTians, let’s be early for classes so that our lecturers will be happy when they see us.
And what about being mentally prepared by reading more books and spending less time on our phones for this entire week. This will gradually prepare us for our classes and reduce the sleepy feeling which can be torturous.
Let’s start preparing while having fun at the same time. College is welcoming us back next week.