Painting the Isle of Crabs

Pulau Ketam will never be the same again since a stroke of creativity waved its colourful brushes across some of its wooden houses. Painting out of sheer passion for the arts is artist / designer / senior lecturer – Queenie Yaw from IACT College – an educational institution founded and trained by creative professionals. The set, murals and most of the artworks on PAINT MY LOVE (the movie) – a directional debut by Jen B featuring local stars Fu Ying and Sam (award-winning music duo, MyFM radio DJs) are very much Yaw’s hard work. This film highlights the importance of chasing one’s dreams and following one’s heart, a philosophy very much in line with almost everyone who was on the set.
Staying close to the recurring theme in the film, Yaw advises her students to standby their passion and never let go of it. “When working on the gigantic murals, one of the biggest challenges was the texture of the wood – coarse and uneven. It was very difficult as I had to use multiple layers of paints on each spot and gradually adjust the colour tones. On top of that, the location was really tricky. Surrounded by the sea, I had to balance on top of a ladder, on top of a rickety plank-base to reach the top portion…and the wind was rather strong. BUT, at that point, all I could think about was how it was going to look when it is done. And that kept me going.”- Yaw recalls as she describes the meaning of passion. “If you have dreams & passion, you will succeed.” – she adds. Despite the challenges she, alongside some members of the production team, did not give up and completed the mural within only 3 days.
The project began when her student – Eric Lim was on internship with Mushroom Film (local production house) approached her. “It was really good to have the support of my lecturers, even when I am out of the college,” Lim recalls his initial brief to Yaw. He recalls his excitement when his lecturer Queenie Yaw agreed to the challenge – “I know that my lecturer is very gifted and it was her dream to be able to paint a mural as big as this.”
Yaw advises students – “If you are passionate about your work, you will be driven to achieve great success. As a lecturer, I believe in nurturing your skills and enabling your creativity to another level.” Echoing Yaw’s sentiments, IACT College aims at producing creative and passionate individuals who stay true to their passion as they set out to achieve their dreams. Living up to their tagline : Creativity Begins Here, at IACT College.
Mural Paintings at Pulau Ketam for 'Paint My Love' local movie  Mural Paintings at Pulau Ketam for 'Paint My Love' local movie
Mural Paintings at Pulau Ketam for ‘Paint My Love’ local movie
IACT College Senior Lecturer - Queenie Yaw with 'Paint My Love' casts
IACT College Senior Lecturer – Queenie Yaw with ‘Paint My Love’ casts
(from left to right: Fuying, Beauty Teoh, Ribbon Ooi, Sam, Feon Lai, Eric Lim & Queenie Yaw)