My journalism lecturer, Ms. Joanna LSH gave me a book recently. The theme was about love if I may add. Her kind gesture was truly out of the blue but I would like to take this opportunity to thank her once more for such a great read.
‘Paktology’ is definitely a book on love and relationships. Josh Awang wrote this in hope to spare people from heartaches, failure in the romance department, and awful breakups. The underlying purpose of this handbook is to help readers to eventually strive to better the self, lovers, and spouse.
I enjoyed this book as it’s well written, and a nice easy read. It enlightened me on how one should never be swayed by love and hop right into a relationship in a heartbeat without much thought.
I love how Josh says that self-love is the most important foundation you need before enrolling oneself into the dating market. Of course, I agree with him 100%. I mean how could you love another when you’re deprived of love from yourself?
I also love how he included true stories of real people in almost every chapter of the book. Their stories serve as a guide and also as advice to us love seekers out there.
In all honestly, it is a good read. I finished the book within an hour. I think that already explains a lot. Therefore I do recommend all to grab a copy of Josh Awang’s ‘Paktology’, sit back, relax and enjoy the blessings his book has to offer.