Want Some "Paudeka" for Malaysia Day?

Want Some "Paudeka" for Malaysia Day
Hi, this is Jie Yi and I’m back for the second post! Malaysia Day is around the corner, it is the day where the freedom of our country and different cultures is celebrated.
I’ve always felt like I have to do something to celebrate the Malaysia Day, one of the important days of the year and this year I prepared something special.
As the semester coming to an end, it’s time for the final assignment! We were asked to create a special sandwich to propose to the restaurant that chose by us to celebrate Merdeka Day. We had to write a proposal and make a video for our sandwich to promote our very own creation.
Therefore, I would like to introduce and share with you our very own sandwich, the ‘Paudeka’. It is a unique sandwich that combines the representative foods of 3 races, which is Malay, Chinese and Indian that can introduce the taste of Malaysia. It is made up with lotus leaf bun, sambal, curry powder, eggs, marinated chicken fillet and lettuce. Our ‘Paudeka’ is remarkable with our self-created secret ingredient, which is called ‘limebal’. ‘Limebal’ is the combination of our country’s local fruit which is lime, and Malay’s traditional food, sambal. The speciality of the dish is that we combine the colours of Jalur Gemilang in our ‘Paudeka’ which are red, white and yellow. ‘Paudeka’, signifies the integration of Malaysian and the close relationship of every different ethnicity. It has meaningful messages behind the combination of all the ingredients as we want to portray the unity of the races and encourage people to come to together as 1 Malaysia.
Malaysia Day, a thankful and happy day for us to commemorate the sacrifices of our heroic leaders. I just want to remind everyone that always be grateful to have different races from various background and cultures living together under the same sky in harmony. Through this assignment, I once again truly understand the meaning and importance of Malaysia Day. I would like to wish all of you and our country, Happy Malaysia Day!