Paws Media Campaign

Last semester, we had an assignment to craft a media campaign for an organisation of our choice in groups. For this assignment, our lecturer grouped us according to her research of members and their past works. I got the opportunity to work with people I have never worked with before and I truly enjoyed myself.
For the assignment, my group decided to craft a media campaign for PAWS, an animal welfare organisation. Although some of us had no interest in animals, we started to love them at the end of the assignment.

Many people prefer buying their pets from pet stores because they appear healthier and they prefer pedigrees. Hence, the media campaign that we crafted was based on the idea that shelter animals are as special and adoptable as store bought pets. The media campaign included print advertisements with the tagline “I can be as _____” with the blank being filled with positive adjectives.

It also includes a web series about the journey of a shelter pet – being rescued, getting treated and taken care of by PAWS and finally getting adopted. The web series highlights the services that PAWS provide and the problems faced by animal shelters like overpopulation.
The campaign also include YouTube influencers in the activity – Couples try Fostering Shelter Pets. In this activity, YouTube influencer couples like Dennis Yin, Jin Lim and Jared Lee and their wives/girlfriends will bring home a shelter pet and foster them over the weekend and vlog their experience.
Working on this assignment with my team of 5 was fun but also stressful. However, we would always help each other out and accept everyone’s ideas. It was a good experience and we can say that we are proud of what we have come up with.