Pit Stop for Inspiration

29 August 2016: Our First Encounter

My siblings and I had a little field trip to Malaysia’s China Town and somehow we stumbled upon Pit Stop Cafe. It’s a community cafe, something like a ‘soup kitchen’ outlet looking for solutions to eradicate urban hunger and poverty by marshalling volunteers and repurposing food. Amazingly, this social enterprise has a mission to feed those whose stomachs, minds and hearts need nourishment. This cafe also takes in people from the streets to educate them with practical skills, which enable them to find a job when they are ready to face society again. That day, my siblings and I had an insightful chat with Andrea, the co-owner of the cafe. Right now, I am inspired to actually start volunteering at the place every week and can you tell that I am super excited? Needless to say, I totally stand by Andrea’s vision of creating a better community for a better Malaysia. Kudos to you Andrea, I love your work!
11 September 2016: My First Volunteer at Pit Stop

Today, I volunteered at the Pit Stop Community Café for the first time. I was assigned the role of distributing mutton porridge to the street clients. To my astonishment, we served almost 230 clients that night! Now, that’s a big number and several pots of porridge and ‘bubur manis’ was finished just like that. It was honestly one of the best 3 hours spent. I am going to volunteer again soon and hopefully this time I get to serve chicken porridge instead as I am more of a chicken meat fan.
17 October 2016: I’m now a Regular 🙂

I have been volunteering every Monday at Pit Stop Community Cafe for almost a month now. Yay me as I have earned my spot as a regular volunteer 🙂
My sister is sort of what motivated me and inspired me to start volunteering in the first place. She is a humanitarian and enjoys spending her off days doing voluntary work. Also, I wanted to try something new. Funnily enough, we stumbled upon this cafe and decided to head in and further explore.
Well just so you know, this week I did managed to serve chicken porridge for this service and this time, 2 pots of chicken porridge was finished in just a blink of an eye (an hour, if you’re wondering)! Goodness me, that’s like almost 150 bowls of piping hot chicken goodness deliciousness haha.
Anyways this time round, the cafe also gave out free toothbrushes to our ‘street clients’ (as we like to call them). It’s so nice because not only were our clients’ tummies filled with food, but they were gifted with a hygiene kit as well.
Now, this really warms my heart because Pit Stop isn’t just another soup kitchen, they actually do care about the homeless from the bottom of their hearts and thrive to provide them with daily necessities.
Needless to say I truly enjoy volunteering and you won’t see me leaving Pit Stop any time soon.

This is the food counter. I know it’s messy but this is where the volunteers work their magic. Serving hundreds of street clients every day with smiles on our faces.
Pit Stop aims to feed those whose stomachs, minds and hearts need nourishment.
Payment wise, you are entitled to foot the bill as you wish. Don’t have money? It’s alright, as long as you enjoyed the food, that’s good enough. That is why the cafe has this donation box, in which people are able to donate their spare change in order to sponsor another’s meal.

If you are able, I urge anybody to pay the cafe a visit and donate!
Do you know Pit Stop also opens during lunch hours as a regular cafe? Check out their menu! I mean they sound amazing in words, the foods most probably will taste deliciously. Amazingly, the Prawn Sambal is RM7.50? What a steal!

Coolest thing is that Pit Stop isn’t just your regular soup kitchen for the needy. They sell handmade items as well, with affordable prices.

Just look at the pin board that is up for sale. I totally would buy one if not for the fact that I am a broke college student haha.

And hello black Pit Stop shirt, I’m going to buy you and wear you when I got the money to have you. I promise, wait for me <3

Cheers to more volunteering at Pit Stop and endless amount of asking if our street clients if they want to mix their chicken porridge with either mutton or vegetable porridge 🙂 Please go check out their Facebook Page to know more about this inspiring place: https://www.facebook.com/pitstopcafekl/