Practical Learning with Guidance of Her

The journey of being a college student was not as monotonous as how people used to say: Assignments, exams, quizzes, and more exams! Mine was different – practical learning and exposure. The learning process was full of excitement, all because I was guided all the way by an outstanding individual – Penny Low. She was my lecturer, mentor, inspiration.
Early this year in March, I was invited by the college to join the production team of their upcoming music video project, named “I’M POSSIBLE”. I thought it was a great opportunity when a song of mine was offered to be featured as the college promotional song.
Practical Learning with Guidance of Her
Presentation of ‘I’M POSSIBLE’ at Journey in the Dark on 24th July 2015
So where did the song originate? It was actually a song I have composed for my first semester as the ending finale of Journey in the Dark, an event night held by my classmates and I to aid Dialogue In The Dark raise awareness of visual impairment.
Our lecturer, Penny assigned me to compose a song entitled “I’M POSSIBLE”. With the help of my friend, I was glad that I have produced a song that moved Penny who said “I love your melody you wrote, it’s empowering!” Little did I know that my song could be part of an impactful project!
Enthusiasm Drives Motivation
Months later, I had started working with the music video crew. In the team, I played the role of song composing, audio production, and performed as one of the talents! One thing Penny influenced me was her enthusiasm. Despite her hectic schedules, she always makes time to discuss and listen to my audio production progress. Penny was seasoned in music background, which makes her contribute brilliant advice and distinct view on the song. I was impressed by this woman, being able to maintain creative thinking in such age. The end product was totally worth every effort we put in.
Practical Learning with Guidance of Her
Besides, she loved to tell me how much she loves our work! At times, we even talk about life. She would share challenges she used to face and how she managed to push through. All because of passion, she believed to inspire people with her ideas! I never told her this, but she has personally become a role model I look up to. Not to mention, but I actually wrote her a card on Teacher’s day to thank her for always being an inspiration.
Practical Learning with Guidance of Her
One day in the recording studio, when Penny and I were waiting for our track to render…

“Gaston, did you know you could be a very good leader?”
I was stunned for a while.
“What did you mean?”, I replied.
“You are multi-talented. A good leader must know a lot of things.” she told me.

Those words meant nothing to me at that moment, but now when I recall it, those words were MAGICAL.
She changed me. She made me want to dream about life, To be daring enough to dream high and say: “One day I want to direct my own film, one day I want to release my own song.”
Giving Back Love
Two months ago, Penny invited me and another classmate, Amanda to join as a gig. We prepared a medley incorporating 8 classic songs of Chinese, English and Malay, as a tribute to all Moms around the world. It was a memorable experience singing on the Mother’s day event. The cause was for Society for the Severely Mental Handicapped Malaysia (SSMH).
Practical Learning with Guidance of Her
Penny taught me to give back love. Despite to her body condition, she insisted to give back love to ones in need. I still remember seeing the smiling faces of mothers in the audience seats. That moment, she made me realized how she could spread love and happiness with the smallest of actions.
Practical Learning with Guidance of Her
At times, as a part time musician music could be tedious to do. It takes a lot of hard work just for a 5 minute show. However, Penny changed my mind. She made me recall the reason I started loving music which was to spread positivity and the joy of music!

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.”- Charles Kuralt

Yes, I was one of those gullible kids who wouldn’t be able to understand how a teacher could change you. However, this was my true experience; I never knew it could happen to me! Fully inspired by her beliefs and values, I found motivation to move on the journey to pursue my dreams!