Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

Today was the day I braved myself for two presentations. Thursdays are usually a very busy day for Foundation students of my batch due to the full day schedule but it was extremely busy today. The atmosphere in class was really tense and you can feel the nervousness in the air. People may think that because we are communication students we have zero stage fright but that is a complete lie however not everyone was nervous. The first presentation was for English 1. My teammate and I did a presentation on the cause of human trafficking which honestly speaking in our heart we felt like we were not prepared enough. It was a very casual presentation on the topic cause and effects. As the presentation continues, the atmosphere in class got really playful and exciting. There was a Q & A session after every presentation that was purely more like a debate among the audience and the presenter which was amusing to be a part of. It helped me to feel the sense of interaction among my lecturer and my course mates. My presentation went well and the comments given were helpful to improve myself. Being able to acknowledge my weaknesses through the eyes of others has been educational.

The second presentation started later during the day. I was honestly sleepy because class was after lunch. There were still 10 of us left that have to present. I learnt plenty from observing my course mate present. There were so many moments made during the presentation today that I would carry with me for the rest of my life. This opportunity helped me to have a deeper understanding about my course mates. I presented my passion of baking which I brought my utensils and the baked goods that I made earlier. I felt that my presentation went well. I was able to interact with my course mates and watch their excitement to try the baked goods I brought. Project Based Learning has benefited me educationally and has given me an opportunity to practice what I had learnt over the past few weeks. Thought it was a bittersweet experience today, I am truly fortunate to be able to carry these memories with me for the rest of my life.