Prestigious UK Degree Right Here at IACT College

THE communication and advertising industry is changing fast and is creating more career opportunities. According to Forbes magazine, job positions like digital marketing strategists, social media manager, big data miners and analysts did not exist 10 years ago and are found in areas of communication and advertising.

To prepare graduates ready to fill the industry needs today, IACT College and the University of Sunderland have both introduced two British degree programmes: BA (Hons) Advertising and Design; and BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication.

These two programmes are packed with modules that mirror the evolving world of creative communications. Thanks to this unbeatable partnership, all modules for both programmes are conducted at IACT’s Petaling Jaya city campus, by a team of talented academicians and seasoned industry professionals. Ranked 21st in the United Kingdom by The Guardian, the University of Sunderland’s BA (Hons) Advertising and Design is a syllabus that has its finger on the pulse of the advertising industry. The course offers a challenging combination of advertising and design-driven modules to nurture and groom a new generation of advertising professionals. Classroom structure for the modules are one of a kind.

It also been organised to mimic a real agency-like environment with the lecturers and students assuming different roles within a typical creative advertising firm. This particular culture immerses students into the life of an advertiser from day one.

Second year student Ravin Shanmugarajan in BA (Hons) Advertising and Design says, “This programme brings out the best in you as the aspect of a conducive learning environment and the practicality of the course prepares you mentally for the world out there. The tactile teaching and learning puts you in actual ‘advertising’ conditions.”

Mass communication is taken to a whole new level with the BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication programme. This unique curriculum is broken up into three major options for students to choose from: Public Relations, Journalism, and Broadcasting and Digital Media. Each option is created to hone specific sets of skills within the individual students, making them the specialists in their chosen fields. All projects from the beginning of the programme will foster infallible technical abilities and profound understanding of the context that is evident in their work. Students are moulded into subject experts and are able to hit the ground running in their specific majors.

Final year student in BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication Reyna Gopal shared, “The Sunderland degree programme emphasises more on thought-provoking subjects – challenging reality as I know it – which are essential in understanding the nature of media and culture.

“Nonetheless, these are all made possible with the help of our dedicated lecturers.”.

All of the University of Sunderland modules are evaluated and assessed by the teaching faculty who designed the programme.

This partnership ensures Malaysian students are exposed to the same world-class education standards as the British counterparts. Thanks to the rich cultural background and impeccable academic team, students at IACT have always achieved strong grades. Academic staff from the university also make frequent visits to provide local students with a sense of seamless acculturation into their syllabus. On top of that, the University of Sunderland also offers an exclusive interactive student portal that keeps them abreast with the latest information pertaining to their programmes.

These include supplementary module content, student-centric competitions and Sunderland’s own expansive e-library, where students will be able to call upon many popular and rare academic titles at the touch of a button.

IACT College offers two intakes a year for both programmes, in September and February. IACT College also offers diploma and and foundation programmes in marketing, advertising, mass communication, media, broadcasting, film and graphic design.

University of Sunderland Degree in IACT College
IACT students in the degree programme offered by University of Sunderland receive the same world-class education standards as their British counterparts.