Project-Based Learning Explained

IACT COLLEGE was founded by the advertising and communication industry and has been about producing job-ready graduates.

This creative home-grown communication specialist college prides itself in “project-based learning” as a proven best learning method.

Two seasoned lecturers from IACT College described the benefits of this form of learning.

“IACT College’s project-based learning comprises out-of classroom learning, talks and projects with industry engagements” said programme leader in Advertising and Marketing Denise Choong, “All these involve real industry players and clients.”

Choong said this allows students to learn beyond what IACT can offer – in return, it makes learning more interesting.

According to her project-based learning offers learning experience what normal classroom learning cannot give.

“Many of my friends in the education field don’t understand why we do what we do, and that got me excited,” said programme leader for Mass Communication Natasha Hishamudin, who taught in IACT College for more than six years.

As fun as it sounds, project-based learning requires effort from lecturers – they have to go the extra mile in planning their lessons.

Since this involves external parties, a lot more communication is needed.

The benefits, however, are worth the effort for Choong and Natasha.

“Project-based learning method encourages students to learn in an environment with healthy amount of competition,” Choong explained.

“I could see the students work really hard for that opportunity, and it gives them a sense of working in the real world.

“As they receive feedback from the clients, they also get to know what is expected of them from the industry.”

Besides creating healthy competition and learning real industry expectation, Natasha explained that project-based learning helps students master their field of learning.

Natasha said media and culture students need to be analytical of their surroundings, and that it is hypocritical if they cannot meet the subject they analyse.

“When they go out of their classroom, they get to see something out of their textbooks – it takes experience to make the learning stay,” added Natasha.

Both Choong and Natasha agreed that project-based learning also trains students to be more confident.

“They are more confident in the subject matter, and it shows in the way they interact with clients,” Choong mentioned.

Choong’s project with Projek57 won her students a chance to work with local celebrities and have their work shown on movie screen in one of the special Ola-Bola screening.

Natasha said, “After all, education shouldn’t be just about educating the mind, but also educating the heart, and I’ve seen how our students grow into amazing people with passion in their field through project-based learning.”

Denise Choong IACT College Projek 57 Ola Bola
Denise Choong (first row, right) posing with her students in a project which involved working with the main cast members of Ola-Bola.