A Really Challenging Sketch!

Hi guys, I’m back with the second IMPOSSIBLE story! In this second story of mine, I would like to share about my big sketching challenges that I had faced in The Principles of Drawing class during my first semester. I always love challenges, and that is the reason why I always choose the hardest things to draw. Sometimes I don’t know whether is it a good choice or not but I will still risk it.
Our Principles of Drawing class is taught by Ms. Dora, a young and kind lecturer with very high expectations on our work. For the second assignment, we had to draw and sketch a portrait on an A2 size paper. First, we had to find a portrait picture as a reference for the drawing.
At that point of time, I had decided to draw an old folk’s portrait namely JOYFUL AGE.
Check up session! Ms. Dora would check our draft lines before we proceeded to sketch. For my portrait, it was too big and had no border space. I needed to resize and make it smaller to fit perfectly. Hope you can see the lines of the drawing in the background.
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 1
By the way, I used the Faber Castell 9000 pencils for my sketching.
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 2
After all the checking, it was ready to be shaded! First we had to shade a light layer using an ‘F’ pencil and followed by another darker layer over and over again by using a different type of shading pencil. In a rule of sketching, one must start from a lighter pencil tone as a base no matter how dark your picture is. This is where it requires a lot of time and patience.
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 3
Now you can see the tone of shades.
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 4
It is all about the details!
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 5
Have a closer look. (Hope your eyes won’t twitch)
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 6
ALMOST DONE! The amount of lack of sleep that I experienced was real…
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 7
Jocelyn Yong Sketch Joyful Age 8
This is the reference picture that I found from the Internet.

During the past 3 weeks to complete the drawing and sketching of this portrait, I lacked sleep and had body aches which became common but worth it!
*Tips/reminder: NEVER EVER shade your drawing while you’re half asleep!