Financial Aid

Regardless of any financial background you are in, IACT College hopes to assist the talent and passion to nurture deserving students to get the best education in the creative communication field. IACT College offers and assists a broad range of Scholarships, PTPTN loans and EPF Education Withdrawal to support its students.

Scholarship Application Process

Applicants are required to follow the steps below to ensure that the application is successful.

Step 1

Obtain the application form from your school counselor, IACT College, or download the PDF HERE.

Step 2

Fill in all the required information in the application form.

Step 3

Attach all required supporting documents together with the completed application form. (Only certified true copies are accepted)

Step 4

Submit the application form and supporting documents via email or in person to IACT College.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Options

Click on the scholarship or financial and options below to learn more.

UEC Scholarship




≤ 10 pts (best 5 subject)
RM 10,000 RM 5,000
11-14 pts (best 5 subject) RM 8,000 RM 4,000
15-17 pts (best 5 subject) RM 5,000 RM 2,500
18-20 pts (best 5 subject) RM 3,000 RM 1,500
* Note: Only applicable for Year 1 Fees
Scholarships for Foundation Course

(Based on SPM / IGSCE / GCE O-LEVEL results)


5 A+ / A / A- RM 1,000
6 A+ / A / A- RM 2,000
7 A+ / A / A- RM 3,000
8 A+ / A / A-  and above RM 5,000
Scholarships for Diploma courses

(Based on SPM / IGSCE / GCE O-LEVEL results)

3 A+ / A / A- RM 1,000
4 A+ / A / A- RM 1,500
5 A+ / A / A- RM 2,000
6 A+ / A / A- RM 2,500
7 A+ / A / A- RM 4,000
8 A+ / A / A- RM 5,000
9 A+ / A / A- RM 8,000
10 A+ / A / A- and above RM 10,000

* Note: Only applicable for Year 1 Fees.

Scholarships for Degree Courses

(Based on Pre-U Qualifications results)

A-LEVEL / SAM or CPU/ Foundation, Diploma or STPM QUANTUM FEES WAIVED *
BBB / 80% / 3.1 RM 3,000
ABC / 85% / 3.3 RM 5,000
2As / 90% / 3.5 RM 8,000
3 As / 95% / 3.7 RM 12,000

* Note: Only applicable for Year 1 Fees.

Loan Information

PTPTN is an Education Financing Scheme that is establish for the purpose of providing education financing to students pursuing studies in local institutions of higher education in Malaysia. The scheme enables students the opportunity to pursue their study at a tertiary level.

IACT College diploma and degree programmes are registered with PTPTN. This enables IACT students to fully or partially finance their course fees and their cost of living for the duration of their study.

IACT Support

IACT College has various PTPTN application dates throughout the year. At the beginning of each semester we hold workshops to inform students on how to properly submit their online application to PTPTN.  Once application is submitted, students will be notified when the loan is approved through email.

We provide continuous support to its students throughout the PTPTN application process.

The loan amount will be stated in the loan agreement attached to the email.  Students can expect the email seven (7) working days after the online application deadline closes.

If an application is rejected, we will find out why and if needed, cancel the loan for a reapplication at the next available deadline.  Subsequently, we would submit the semester results directly to PTPTN for the disbursement of the loan.

Maximum Funding

IACT College cannot guarantee whether an applicant successfully receives the PTPTN loan. However, here is the maximum funding that a student may get during their study here.

Diploma = A maximum of RM17,000 throughout the 2 ½ years of study at IACT College
Degree = A maximum of RM40,800 throughout the 3 years of study at IACT College

For more details about PTPTN click this link –

EPF Withdrawal

Employees Provident Fund is a compulsory savings scheme in Malaysia. Its primary aim is to provide a measure of security for old age retirement to its members. It also provides supplementary benefits to members to utilise part of their savings for educational financing.

Since, IACT College is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA); our students can withdraw their parents’ or their own EPF to finance selected programmes.

IACT College provides support to its students for the EPF application process.

For more details about EPF Educational Withdrawals click this link:

Terms and Conditions
  1. Open to students of all nationalities in public, private and international schools in Malaysia.
  2. Applicants must be registered and accepted as a student to be entitled to any disbursements.
  3. To claim the disbursements, applicants must complete the registration process, and meet IACT College’s minimum entry requirements for the respective programme.
  4. Quantum deduction is based on first year of studies fees ONLY.
  5. Students who applied with their latest SPM / O-Level results must submit a certified true copy of their actual results within ten (10) working days of the official release of results.
  6. Subject to fund availability and management discretion, recipients who applied with their latest SPM / O-Level results are eligible for upgrade based on their actual results.
  7. Scholarships / awards / bursaries / waivers will be granted to qualified applicants based on fund availability and successful and timely acceptance into a programme.
  8. Students are entitled to only ONE scholarship / award / waiver / bursary / other forms of financial sponsorship at any one time, including sponsorship from other institutions or bodies.
  9. Recipients must maintain a minimum CGPA set by IACT College at the end of each academic year in order to maintain the scholarship. Recipients who do not meet the minimum CGPA are required to refund the scholarship amount disbursed.
  10. Students are required to complete their entire studies with IACT College.
  11. IACT College reserves the right to involve the recipients in interviews, advertisements, photography or other publicity-related activities for the purpose of promoting the institution.
  12. Recipients will be required to sign an agreement accepting the terms and conditions of the scholarship or award. Recipients who fail to comply with all the terms and conditions may be required to refund the amount disbursed to him/her by IACT College.
  13. All scholarship recipients are required to undergo a Scholars Development Programme during the duration of their scholarship which includes exposures to various departments within IACT College for enhanced working exposures, acting as an Ambassador of the College at various events and etc., in order to progress with their scholarship in the subsequent semester(s).
  14. The decision(s) of IACT College shall be final and binding on all matters pertaining to the scholarship and award.
  15. The terms and conditions of the scholarship and award may be modified and amended from time to time as deemed reasonable and appropriate by IACT College.
  16. Additional terms and conditions may apply.
  17. Note: This publication contains information which is current as of December 2017. Changes in circumstances after this date may impact upon the accuracy or timeliness of the information.

**For other financial aid available, please check with the IACT College Admissions Department.

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