Serving Our Society: JomBreakfast Event with Institute Onn Jaafar

Serving Our Society: JomBreakfast Event with Institute Onn Jaafar

On 12th &  26th February and 11th March 2020, IACT College students under the Serving Our Society (SOS) class collaborated with Insitute Onn Jaafar (IOJ) for a Jom Breakfast event with the children from Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory.

IOJ is a non-profit organisation which was launched on September 7, 2014 with the purpose of providing temporary relief to the underprivileged by mobilising volunteers from public and private institutions. Hence, with the help from the institute IACT students were able to pull off the task required by their SOS subject.

These students worked with children/students from the Spastic Centre who were categorised by their incapability. They were divided into the following groups:

  • Early Invention Programme (individuals from the age of 7-9 with slower brain progress and behaviour issues)
  • Functional Academic Class (individuals capable of higher functions like interacting with other people)
  • Functional Living Class (individuals capable of understanding but some contain limited hand function and some with speech impaired various communication methods)
  • Sensory Stimulation Class (young & older individuals with severe issues and speech impairment)
  • Vocational Class (individuals who are efficient in hospitality, IT & graphic. Highly functional but requires wheelchair due to their incapability to walk)

Their objective was to participate in community work activities as a major aspect of giving back to society. These students were divided into several groups assigned to different tasks such as packing of breakfast, painting activities and stage performances on the last day. Not only was the event successful, IACT students took back unforgettable memories too.

They were able to stand up and volunteer to help serve and spend time with special needs children. With this opportunity, they learned how to communicate and understand what they need. It made them realised the importance of providing more care and support through projects like this. It helped create a mind-set that these special needs children should come first when we are capable of doing so. Here are some of their thoughts throughout the event:

According to Jun Jie “I had a very great experience from this Jom Breakfast program, it helped me realise that there are more people out there needing the support from the society. Most importantly I have learned to be patient and kind when helping those in need.  I hope to encourage and educate others on the importance of helping them“

“As a member of the Jom Breakfast event, I truly think that the word ‘special needs children’ is not as simple as we think. They require a lot of understanding, love and patience. In order to keep up with the other kids, they have to give 200% effort on learning something. This event showed that we should always care for other people in the society and it will make the world a better place to live in. As we start seeing from different angles, we will find out that life is much more than just eating, working and sleeping“, said Suet Khang.

Gerard added “At first I thought the ‘Serving Our Society’s class is going to be boring and pointless but I was wrong. The activities made me realised that we are capable to do so much more for the people in need. As a videographer for the event, I saw so much of joy and happiness through the lens is it in serving or packing food for the special kid needs. We should do it for love but not to seek attention“

This event not only widened their understanding towards the underprivileged in society but also gave them a platform to help those in need. They got to involve the children in different weekly activities and did a special performance on the last day of the event. We hope this event inspired you guys like how it did with our students.

Write up by: Suet Khang, Gerard, Ally, Jun Jie, Victoria, Luqman