Sprinkle of Sunshine

I am taking the Marketing Management in New Media subject this semester and one of the individual assignments is to create, manage and update our very own blog.
In the beginning I was really unsure of what my blog should be about; should it be about myself, about my college life or about music? It was quite challenging and I didn’t want to write about things that people wouldn’t bother reading.
On one of the weekends when I went to church, the sermon message for the day was very uplifting especially when I was feeling quite discouraged. I then realised that there were others too, even from those around me, who also feel discouraged at times. From there, I then decided that the theme of my blog would be about positivity!
My concept was short, sweet, simple and encouraging posts that relates to people like me (being college students).
I was still skeptical when I created the blog. “Would people actually read this? Do they think and feel the same way I do?” But to my surprise, I got a lot of support from my friends, classmates and even friends from high school, churches and people I rarely talk to.
The assignment requires me to update the blog weekly and sometimes it can be challenging especially when I work part time and also have assignments from subjects like Motion Graphics and Video Production which are quite heavy to manage. But so far, I’ve been able to update weekly and though some posts receive fewer views than others, I’m glad I have a few loyal readers who never fail to read every post. Thank you!
The semester has come to its most busy stage and I’m trying my best to balance it all. I can say that I’m pretty proud of my blog! I might even continue blogging after this semester ends. I think in a way the blog also encourages me personally.
I’m grateful that I was pushed to start a blog as I’ve always wanted to but never had the courage to. So here’s to hoping I continue blogging for a long time to come!
Go give my posts a read at sprinkleofsunshinee.wordpress.com! 🙂