On the 23rd of September, I attended a Student Council camp with the other students. I was not really keen of going as it was really expensive costing RM220. I did not have much money with me at that time so I didn’t feel like going but the SC seniors kept persuading us. Despite the persuasion my friends decided not to go as they have their work and stuff to do. On the other hand, I thought to myself, I would really be missing this opportunity coming my way. The seniors are also really nice and friendly. So, I discussed with Ms. Joanna Lee and the SC seniors whether I could pay by monthly instalment and they agreed. I then paid the deposit of RM100. One of the seniors, Ellisha even paid RM20 for me. I was really thankful and grateful for what she did. I was really touched as she barely knew me. At last, I’m finally going for the camp!
I had an Advertising Principles lesson on that day so I went straight to the meeting point which was at Helvetica on the 13th floor after class. My friends accompanied me to chat since I was alone and no one has arrived yet. So I sat down with my friends and talked and talked. After a few minutes, students were coming in. There wasn’t that many students but they were slowly filling up the room. After I saw everyone with their own friends I felt like I might be lonely in the camp somehow. So I went out of the room with my friends and told them that I think I’m starting to regret enlisting for the camp. I wanted to cry so badly because I’m scared of being alone but then my friends told me that everything will be okay. So I just went with the flow.
After signing the form, the seniors started talking to me and I felt really welcome at some point but I was still feeling a little bit uncomfortable. I was really afraid to actually have a real conversation but then they were nice and I slowly opened up and just to be myself. After we arrived at the camp, I made some friends and was getting more comfortable. We had group activities and I’m grateful to my teammates as they were really welcoming and funny. I met Ellisha and the rest of the seniors I know as well. At that moment I’m glad that I have made the right choice by going for the camp. Maybe I don’t know most of them but it’s not wrong making new friends.
As the first day passed, I began to like the camp and I really enjoyed myself there. Although my close friends weren’t there with me but I’m glad that I could make new friends who were really caring and always made me feel welcome. I learned that if I hadn’t come out of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t have been able to be exposed to the new things happening around me. If I were to follow my friends and not come for the camp, I’m sure I would have regretted it right now. Sometimes being in a place where you are not comfortable can be the best choice in life. Not to forget, the seniors really put their effort in making this camp a success which I am sure they did. This camp was not only simply planned but with a lot of energy and sweat had been put into it.
At the end of the camp, I came to realise that I actually miss all the fun activities. It really gave me a positive impact that I want to share with everyone. It was not just about the camp, it was about learning and appreciating each other. It was a really nice experience for me and I’m really glad and don’t regret going one bit. So to end this long story of mine I just want to say thank you to the Student Council club for making this camp beneficial for me. I will always remember it since it’s my first camp in IACT college. Thank you!!