Student Gains – Never Settle

A lot of times in life, many of us find ourselves sitting in a very safe circle – the comfort zone. It’s a place we fall in because we’re either unsure or overconfident of our abilities. Confusing? I know right. Basically, we fall into our comfort zones when we fail to believe in ourselves and let our doubts eat us inwards. At the same time, our comfort zone is also a refuge for overconfident and shallow people who are afraid of pushing their limits and falling into the pit of failure.
Too often a time I find my classmates settling for mediocracy with excuses such as…
“Writing is just not my thing”
“But I’m not good at Adobe Illustrator”
“My work isn’t as good as hers… but haih… What to do?”

What’s even worse is when they predict for a grade any less than the best. It seems their favorite quote is “As long as I pass this then I’m ok”.
As young adults, we are in the prime of our lives in all aspects – physically, mentally and emotionally. Ok, probably not emotionally. But my point still stands. Youth is the worst time to settle and the best time to seize opportunities. You can settle when you’re 70, maybe, but definitely not now. Because I am sure I wouldn’t want to settle with my whole life in front of me. The way I see it, our comfort zone is simply a state of mind and easily vanquished. With that being said, I’m ready to seize the world. Are you going to join me or will you stay in that little circle of yours?